Scott Dickson

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Northeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club is hosting Amateur Radio Field Day 2018 at Kiroli Park, Shelter 6 Saturday and Sunday, June 23-24.

Amateur Field Day is held across the US and Canada each year. The overnight event demonstrates how ham radio can be used to serve communities during times of crisis. The Amateur Radio Relay League created Field Day in 1933, and it has occurred annually ever since. It combines a picnic, campout, emergency preparedness, and an informal contest.

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Hamfest 2018 is April 21 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the West Monroe Convention Center. Hamfest is hosted by the Northeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club to celebrate amateur or "ham" radio.

"Hamfest is a convention of radio enthusiasts that combines a trade show, flea market, and various other activities of interest to amateur radio operators," says Scott Dickson of the Northeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club. The festival includes forums on several topics related to ham radio, as well as raffle prizes and license testing.