Families Helping Families

Honza Soukup | Flickr.com / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/legalcode

Parents always worry about the welfare of their children even, when their children begin to live their own independent lives.  It is not difficult to imagine the fears and anxieties experienced by parents of adults with severe disabilities.  Their biggest fear is that no one will take care of their "child" after they are gone.

Aliscia Banks, founding director of Families Helping Families and the parent of an adult son with multiple severe disabilities, discussed some of her worst fears about her son's future "after I am gone and his dad is gone." 

Superheroes Join Forces For Autism 5k Event

Apr 9, 2015

The inspiration of Superman, Batman, Captain America, and others sets the backdrop for a Superheroes For Autism 5k event at Kiroli Park Saturday.

A 5k and 1 mile fun walk course are accompanied with booths and activities for parents and children.  "The event came about through my nephew's passion for superheroes," says Shonda Montague.  Characters will be on hand to greet children and welcome photos during the event.