Survey: Most Louisianians Procrastinate Filing Taxes

Apr 16, 2018

Tax day is tomorrow and a survey from finds  most Louisianans wait until the very end to file. Some 53 percent wait until the day before or the final day to file. Offers-dot-com’s Carson Yarbrough says most people don’t want to pay their taxes and some say they would go to extreme measures to avoid doing so.


Yarbrough says, "Nearly 22% of you (Louisianians) said that you would rather give up internet and social media for a year instead of paying your taxes for this year. 16% said that they would shave their heads to get out of paying taxes."


According to the I-R-S, the average person who qualifies for a refund will get over 31-hundred-dollars. Yarbrough says the Louisiana taxpayers they spoke with will put that money to good use.


Yarbrough says, "Most consumers in Louisiana are going to be using their refunds to pay off debt; nearly half of them will be doing that. Also, 30% plan to put it away in a savings fund. The rest plan to use it for everyday expenses."


Yarbrough says many taxpayers choose not to do their own taxes.


According to Yarbrough, "Nearly 40% use an accountant or a tax filing firm. Only 20% use Turbo Tax and H&R Block. This is probably because taxes are more complicated. A lot of people opt with an accountant just to make sure that they have everything squared away." 


Filing date for state income tax returns is May 15.