Police Presence Stepped Up For Mardi Gras

Feb 9, 2018

There will be an expanded presence of state police troopers in New Orleans as Mardi Gras ramps up for the final weekend.  They have committed 165 troopers to working the French Quarter and the  metro area.  Senior Trooper Melissa Matey says they will perform a variety of assignments.


Last year, troopers had to pull dozens of weapons off the streets.  Matey says it’s something they will  look out for.


Matey says citizens can utilize a special phone app called “See Send” if they suspect suspicious activity during the celebrations.


Other tips Matey gives include not to carry large sums of money, have a plan for your children and what they should do if they become separated from you in the large crowds and remove valuables from your vehicle while it is parked.