Kate Archer Kent

Kate launched Red River Radio's news division in Jan. 2006. In her one-person shop, she gathers news and perspectives from around the Ark-La-Tex for weekday Morning Edition newscasts that air at 6:04, 6:49, 7:04, 7:49 and 8:04 a.m.

Previously, she served as director of marketing and public relations for Louisiana Tech University. She also held a similar post at Northeast Iowa Community College. Before entering education marketing, she was communications coordinator for global hair salon firm Regis Corp. in Minneapolis.

Kate has worked for several media outlets. In 2003, she became a contributing reporter for KEDM Public Radio in Monroe, La., and Red River Radio. She was named Reporter of the Year by the Louisiana Associated Press Broadcasters Association in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. She was a Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize finalist for a series on drug addiction.

Kate has also been an assignment desk editor for the Fox affiliate in Minneapolis. Through a fellowship with the International Radio and Television Society, she worked as a feed producer for CBS "Newspath" in New York.

Kate holds a master of journalism degree from Temple University and a B.A. in English and political science from the University of Minnesota. She lives in Shreveport with her husband, Alex, and their children, Bronwyn, Oliver, Hugo and Alistair. In her spare time, Kate enjoys leading twice-weekly, free community yoga practices at Sadhu Vaswani Hindu Cultural Center in Shreveport.


MAYORAL CANDIDATE THREATENED -  Caddo Parish Commissioner  and Shreveport Mayoral Candidate Steven Jackson  held a press conference late yesterday.  The purpose was to reveal that he had received an anonymous threat in the form of a crudely made image of a lynching with his picture.  Jackson described the document.

ROBOTICS ACADEMY - When we think of robots, the first thing most of us envision is something from a science-fiction novel or Hollywood movie.  But the fact is robots are very much a part of everyday life.  They're on assembly lines, in elevators;  in fact you probably come in contact with robots and don't even know it and it's a very big industry.

TEXAS PONDERS HEMP-  Members of the Texas House Committee on Agriculture and Livestock are exploring the possibility of creating a “hemp” industry in Texas. Hemp is very similar in appearance to marijuana but  it contains lower  levels of the psychoactive chemical  THC.  And for years,  Hemp  by-products  have been used to make cosmetics, natural supplements, and even  a natural  alternative  to plastic.  Jonathan Miller is the general  counsel  for  the United States Hemp Roundtable  group.

ARK SOYBEAN FARMERS -  Arkansas  Soy Bean Farmers have had it tough lately as the price per bushel of soybeans has dropped about 25%  due to the retaliatory tariffs by the Chinese in response to the Trump Administrations tariffs on imported products from China.

To get some idea what farmers face from all this market disruption,  you have to understand how their business model works.  Brad Doyle, who grows soybeans in Weiner, Arkansas shared a little of his world with Arkansas Public Media:

WIND-CATCHER FARM REJECTED:   Over the past year you’ve probably seen TV and Newspaper Ads promoting  the  Wind Catcher Energy Connection Project, a proposed 2,000 mega-watt  wind farm  to be built in the Oklahoma panhandle.  The AEP-SWEPCO  project  was  touted as the largest wind-farm to be built  in the United States  and to deliver low-cost wind generated electricity to customers in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Northwest Louisiana.  

DEFENSE SPENDING BILL APPROVED:    The Associate Press reports -- The U.S. House of Representatives approved a Defense Spending Bill yesterday which is good news for military personnel and their families as they can expect to receive a boost in their paychecks. Also in the works are a planned make-over for the aging B-52 Bomber  and  Barksdale Air Force Base will also benefit. 

The Defense Spending Bill affect all military bases and facilities  throughout   Arkansas,  Texas, and 

CITY APPROVES SCI-PORT CEA:   Sci-Port  Discovery  Center is a 92,000 square-foot science and entertainment  center on Shreveport’s Riverfront, it’s  been a popular family attraction for years.  However  Sci-Port  has  had problems  staying solvent  for  various  reasons stemming  from  alleged  mismanagement  and  lack  of  funding.                      

COURT HEARS GUN CASE-   A panel of judges on the  U.S. 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans is set to hear arguments  against  Texas’  2015 campus carry gun law.  The case involves three University of Texas professors who are asking  the court to make the law unenforceable  inside  a college classroom because they say it infringes on their rights and their students' rights to free speech.  

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  Every School in Arkansas should always have an armed presence ,  that’s  what  the Arkansas School Safety  Commission recommends.   Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson formed  the commission  after  the Parkland, Florida school  shooting  earlier this year.  The  commission issued  its  preliminary  report  this  week  that  also recommends  all schools  should  have  a trained resource  officer  on  school  grounds  whenever financially feasible. 

FLOOD INSURANCE UNDERFUNDED - As part of the budget deal President Trump signed into law last Friday,  the "National Flood Insurance Program" was extended until next month.